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QuickBooks Training, Installation, & Support for Morton & Peoria, IL

If QuickBooks is so easy to use, why do I need help in setting it up?

Think of QuickBooks as a tool. If you don’t know how to use the tool, you won’t get the full benefits. What does inaccurate information cost your company?

As a QuickBooks Pro Advisor, we will set up your company to give you the information needed to make good decisions. There are no shortcuts to setting up and training you and/or your staff.

Here are some of the considerations for a successful installation of QuickBooks:

  • We ensure we understand your company and goals. While industry types have similar needs, you have specific needs. Let’s discuss how these can be achieved.
  • Do you have the computer hardware needed to effectively run QuickBooks? Are you on a standalone system or network?
  • Install the software, design and set up the chart of accounts, and set up payroll, receivables, payables, inventory, and other needed features.
  • Determine a starting date and load beginning balances.
  • Entering your outstanding checks and deposits as well as other items affecting your bank statement so you’ll be able to complete bank reconciliations through the software.
  • Prepare a trial balance to ensure correct numbers as of the starting date.

We’ve set up your software, now what happens? Or, maybe you’ve set up the software and don’t know what to do next.

We know how to effectively train you or your staff to use QuickBooks to get the information you need. We use one on one training techniques focusing on:

  • Using your actual information-not generic data
  • At your location-no need to travel
  • In short (usually no more than 2-3 hour sessions) multiple time increments
  • Training you on your specific questions and needs
  • Benefiting from our experience in your particular industry

You have QuickBooks installed and setup, but have questions at different times during the year. How can we help you? 

No matter what your needs may be, we are here to help you.  We offer:

  • Telephone Support
  • OnSite Support
  • We can remotely login to your computer so as to be used as a training tool-we’ll talk you through the issue and show you how to solve your problem.

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