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Personal Finance Strategy

Because you’ve engaged us for income tax planning and income tax preparation, we can help you develop a Personal Finance plan not only your retirement but for other of life’s milestones. Here are some of the Personal Financing Planning topics we discuss:

  • First, let’s be clear: We do not sell financial services. This allows us to be completely objective and independent in analyzing your situation. We will work with your financial advisor, or, if you do not have one, will recommend you to a firm that we have complete confidence in to execute the Personal Financing plan. We do not accept commissions or fees for these referrals.
  • You live your life in stages-why wouldn’t you plan the same way? For example, you may have college expenses, then wedding expenses, etc., until you reach retirement.
  • If you plan to gift, we will guide you as to the most tax efficient way to do this.
  • Should you invest in Traditional IRA’s, Roth IRA’s, annuities or tax-exempts? What are the differences? We can fully explain the advantages and disadvantages to each.
  • Does life insurance have a place in your Personal Finance Planning?
  • What is long-term healthcare insurance? When (or if) it makes sense to look at this
  • If you operate a business, how can you maximize what is put into your retirement? What purpose to buy/sell agreements have?
  • Are you providing for the financial care of a parent, sibling, or another relative? If so, let’s discuss tax and personal finance strategy.
  • Have you thought of having your children attend a session with you? If they are high school age or older, they can benefit from learning about saving and planning for expenses. We don’t have to review your personal situation but will keep on more general topics.

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