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Daily Money Manager

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financial management & daily money management in Peoria, ILWho needs a Daily Money Manager? Our Daily Money Manager service focuses on providing personal financial organization and management assistance to individuals such as senior citizens & retirees, busy executives, disabled persons, and any other people who have difficulty or time constraints in managing their household finances and personal paperwork.

Individuals who seek our Daily Money Management line of services often are people who:

  • Have reached retirement age
  • Have lost a spouse or life partner who had managed the household finances
  • Are experiencing the onset of a chronic or debilitating illness or physical disability and may not be able to perform these tasks anymore
  • Due to short-term or long-term travel requirements don’t want to be encumbered with taking all their financial paperwork on the road with them
  • Are children of senior citizens who don’t have the time or energy to invest in their parents’ finances

Daily Money Manager Services and Benefits:

Whatever the reason for desiring a Daily Money Manager, our Daily Money Management Services provide assistance in the following areas:

  • Daily Money Management
  • Management Of Insurance & Health Insurance Claim Advocacy
  • Tax Organization
  • Investment Tracking
  • Financial Daily Management For Seniors
  • Document Management For Identity Theft
  • Estate Planning Organization
  • Guardianship Accounting
  • Financial Daily Management For Disabled Persons
  • IL Notary Public

Let’s break it down even more. Daily Money Management often encompasses the following:

  • Organization of bills & invoices, including scheduling timely payments and preparation of checks and wire transfers for client’s signature
  • Reconciliation of bank and other financial accounts
  • Receipt verification of all income sources
  • Making timely bank deposits
  • Auditing credit card statements and other statements for accuracy
  • Preparation of cash flow, investment, and activity reports
  • Tracking financial activity
  • Preparation of computer records to track your spending and to assist in the filing of income tax returns
  • Communication with family members or professionals, such as lawyers, bank officers, tax accountants, or financial advisors
  • Troubleshooting account discrepancies with banking & credit institutions
  • Sorting and reviewing mail
  • Organizing files and paperwork. Maintaining organizational systems for easy information retrieval
  • Prepare financial records for use in tax returns or estate planning
  • Provide instruction to those who have an interest in managing their household finances independently or more efficiently

The record keeping performed by Daily Money Managers is often invaluable to the accountant at tax time, to the attorney in planning for long-term care costs, and to the care manager in evaluating costs of community resources to meet current care costs.

A well-organized set of tax records is an important asset. The U.S. tax laws are updated yearly, sometimes quite drastically. These changes can often overwhelm the organizational abilities of even a financially savvy taxpayer. With a complete and organized set of tax records, you earn the peace of mind knowing that all of your tax-related financial documents are available and accounted for.

Our central Illinois accounting firm can also organize and manage all of your tax-related documentation, with services such as:

  • Tax & retirement fund administration
  • Creation of capital gains/loss/dividends/interest worksheets
  • Compilation of 1099, W-2 and K-1 forms, etc
  • Facilitate quarterly estimated income tax payments to the Internal Revenue Service & the State
  • Manage & file quarterly/annual household employer/employee taxes to the Internal Revenue Service & the State
  • Assist household employees on tax withholding calculations
  • Facilitate payments of real estate property tax
  • Coordinate income tax planning and income tax information preparation with a tax accountant

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