bookkeeping & payroll in Peoria, IL


Bookkeeping Services for the Peoria, IL Area

Do you have time to learn the necessary skills to accurately keep your set of books?

bookkeeping services Peoria, IL & Morton, ILOur
central Illinois accounting firm offers Monthly & Quarterly Bookkeeping and Payroll service to help you keep your focus on what’s important when it comes to your business. We are proud to serve the Peoria area. 

Why should you use our monthly Bookkeeping Services?

  • Our bookkeepers keep current and up to date on all Bookkeeping and Payroll Laws, so there ultimately is no need to train your own staff
  • We provide timely financial information so you can make sound decisions
  • By electronically filing your payroll forms and taxes you are assured of no costly penalties
  • You have access to accounting experts for questions that arise
  • We can identify potential issues before they become a problem

Every month and every quarter we’ll provide the following Bookkeeping service for your company

  • Record revenue and expenses
  • Reconcile your bank accounts
  • Generate income statements and balance sheets
  • Record any special journal entries
  • We can provide an optional cash flow statement
  • Electronically file and pay your state sales tax
  • Generate current vs previous period profit to loss statements

All information is entered by a Bookkeeper into a Quickbooks file and can be easily retrieved whenever information is needed.

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